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Do not keep silent...

This is what I felt I heard from God yesterday morning. Let me know if it is a word for you as well. ๐Ÿ™

My Dear Daughter,

Do not keep silent.

I have given you a voice that you might share My words to My people.

The world is crying out and longs to draw near to Me. Do not be silent about the good news of the gift of Peace.

Do not be discouraged that there are those that choose to be in judgment. Do not be discouraged that there are those who refuse My gift of peace.

Remember that there were those who chose not to even hear the words of Jesus. They rejected him. The more you speak out in My name the more you have potential to have people reject you.

Walk in grace, kindness, and mercy towards ALL My people. For I am over all things. And I am doing a mighty work even in those who come against you.

Do not keep silent.

Push through.

Draw closer to me.

Do not slip back in old ways.

Do not slip into doubt.

Blessed are those persecuted for my name sake.

You my dear daughter are a good and faithful servant and I count you as blessed

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