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God hit me with a 2 x 4 last year...

I guess he wanted to show me just how important it was to HIM that we do life in community with HIM and with fellow believers.

That 2 x 4 was made up of 6700 women who wanted to join a Facebook group because I asked God to send me just 5 friends to hold me accountable to reading the Bible cover-to-cover in a year.

Community is so important to Him that, out of me asking for 5 friends, he built this powerful, powerhouse group of women in our Fear Into Faith community. And because of THAT community countless women finished reading the Bible cover-to-cover for their very first time EVER!

You ladies have ROCKETED this Fear Into Faith community into the Kingdom work God has planned for all of us!

Has He been giving you downloads on how He wants to use you?

He has been giving us the blueprint for making this Fear Into Faith Community available to women on a larger scale, and I am so excited for what He's shown us!

Jesus walked the earth in community, and his impact moved through 3 people to 12 to 72 to 120 to 3000 and beyond!

Clearly, COMMUNITY is KEY!

Do you want to be part of the Community that God is building?

If you've got your hand in the air saying, "Yes! That's me!" Stay tuned...

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