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God keeps blowing my mind!

This article came out the other day and I am truly humbled!!

Who am I?

I am just a girl who said "yes" to God.

I strive to say "yes" to Him every day because I am NOTHING without Him.

If you know my story...then you know how much He has done for me.

If you know where I was just a couple of years ago...then you have seen His hand moving in my life.

If you know about my severe PTSD, seizures, panic disorder, anxiety and more that kept me stuck for years...then you know how glorious He has been to me.

If you know what I have lost and had to walk away from...then you know He is my comfort and my shelter.

If you were LIVE with me in July... then you saw the Holy Spirit move in powerful, unshakable ways!

If you read the Bible with me last year or are reading it with me this year...then you have seen incredible and miraculous transformations of countless women!

I'm just a girl who said "yes" to God.

What is He asking you to say "yes" to?

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