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Have you forgotten who you are?

I used to be so debilitated by FEAR that I was “labeled” with severe PTSD, Anxiety, Seizures, and Panic Disorder.

I was having 20 seizures a day. (And HIDING it from the world!)

I spent 3 days at a Brain Clinic, having my brain analyzed to find out what was “wrong with me.”

Two therapists told me that I would have to do 30-60 day Inpatient treatment for severe PTSD.

I was on medication for both anxiety and panic disorder.


God sent an Angel into my life! A Coach, a Mentor, a Spiritual Mom, a Friend.

She coached me through the most INCREDIBLE “Forgiveness” work!!


All those things that were going on with went away. They went away! And I remembered WHO I was!

And I no longer let FEAR and TRAUMA rule my life. I put God back on the thrown!


She died. That’s right. I lost her just a few months later. And it ROCKED ME!

And Satan used that to sneak in and convince me to surrender to FEAR again.


God called me up HIGHER. He called me to pick up out of my “stuff” and told me to “pick up her mantel” and teach what she had taught me! To carry on her work and walk other women out of their pain. To set them free. To wake them up to who they are!

Now I get to honor her legacy. And I get to remember her in the faces of my clients. And I am so blessed! Their victories and breakthroughs keep her memory alive.

Are you letting TRAUMA define you?! Are you letting FEAR hold you back from God’s Calling on your life??? Have you forgotten WHO you are?

It’s TIME to checkmate FEAR. To unseat TRAUMA. And to set God back on the throne of your heart!

And the GOOD NEWS is: I can help you with that.

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