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It’s time to choose your DREAMS.

My struggles with FEAR have been many.

I’ve allowed FEAR to rule my life & keep me crippled.

FEAR had such a hold on me I was suffering from anxiety, depression, severe PTSD and panic disorder for years (and no one knew!) In fact, I feel FEAR trying to creep in as I write this because I know most people have no idea about any of that.

All I can tell you is....

My God is bigger than anything so he is surely BIGGER THAN MY FEAR. And he’s BIGGER than yours too.

If I had let FEAR rule me,

  • I’d only have one daughter, instead of three.

  • I’d be on tons of medication for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and panic disorder.

  • I wouldn’t have started my own company that has changed thousands of lives.

  • I’d still have 20 seizures a day.

  • I would be divorced.

  • I’d probably be dead.

FEAR will immobilize you, debilitate you, and deceive you.

FEAR will keep you a SLAVE.


But I promise you there is Hope!

There is a light inside you GREATER and STRONGER than fear.

Let’s call FEAR out for what it is.

False Evidence Appearing Real

Your fear is not real. Your fear is not who you are. You are MORE than a CONQUEROR.

It’s time to choose: You can have fear in your life or you can have the life you DREAM of... But you can’t have both.

It’s time to make a choice.

It’s time to look FEAR in the eye and say “NO MORE!”

It’s time to choose your DREAMS.

God has given you EVERYTHING you need inside of you to accomplish any dream you’ve ever had or will ever had. HE DOESN’T MAKE MISTAKES!

You were made ON purpose and WITH purpose.


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