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Made to fellowship

This is what I heard from God this morning. Let me know if it speaks to you as well. ๐Ÿ™

My Dear Daughter,

I made you to be in fellowship. I created you to be in community and to be in relationship with others. Why do you isolate yourself in times of trouble and distress?

Out in the wild, a lion will prowl around and then pick off an animal that has strayed from the herd.

The Enemy of your spirit does the same with my people. He prowls around like a lion waiting to steal kill and destroy.

When you isolate and remove yourself, he will pick you off and bring great tournament upon you.

When you feel the desire to run - instead of running and hiding in your pain, run to those whom I have placed in your life to protect and watch out for you.

An elephant herd will surround and protect the most vulnerable member of its tribe.

When you become vulnerable by what life throws at you - run to the middle of your tribe for protection. Instead of pulling away like you have done in the past, run to those who will stand by your side.

I made you to be in community and relationship. Remember a three-strand cord is not easily broken. Do not let the Great Deceiver convince you otherwise.

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