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"Summer created a safe space for me to share my fears, my breakthroughs, my failures and successes. I learned so much through the forgiveness model and God taught me so much about myself through this. I would recommend any woman to invest in themselves to do this course. You are worth it."

Karen M.



About Life Reset Mastermind

"I am not even sure where to start. When I started with this course I was running myself ragged, trying to get everything done and paying off my debt. I felt very much alone. Now I am in the middle of putting my dreams into play. I am slowing down with work, and I even get to quit one of my jobs, so I can get caught up with everything. Before my life goes crazy again."

— Sharon H.

Bible Challeng

Bible Challenge


About Bible Challenge

"This is my first time reading through the entire Bible. I have been so blown away by so much!!

• There is no evil new under the sun.

• God’s mercy is great for His people.

• I have gained a new awe at what Jesus did for us in light of what God’s people had to do before Jesus.

• I am so grateful for each daily reader!! It definitely helped me stay on track!

THANK YOU Summer for inviting us on this incredible journey!!"


—  Naomi G. 

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